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How I Discovered my True Passion in Life...

Originally from Brooklyn, NY, I moved to Colorado at the age of thirteen and have lived here on and off since. I attended Colorado State University in Pueblo for college and majored in Exercise Science, Health Promotion, and Recreation. After college, I intended on becoming a U.S. Navy Seal, however, after meeting with a recruiter, I was unable to enlist due to being on prescription medication. My original intent after college was to become a U.S. Navy Seal and CIA Agent, however, due to medical conditions, I was not able to do so. After college, I then applied for a multitude of different jobs and accepted the first job offer I received, a position as a correctional officer in Nevada. I worked as a correctional officer in Nevada for three years and then moved back to Colorado where I briefly worked as a security officer contracting with the Federal Protective Service and then went back to working corrections in the state of Colorado which I currently do today.

I took me many years to discover my true passion for writing, but I eventually found it in my early thirties. Growing up wanting to be a CIA Agent, I have always had a fascination with intelligence and espionage. I have always been a big fan of the Robert Ludlum and Tom Clancy books and eventually decided I wanted to do the same as them, write my own spy thrillers, which is how I found my true passion in life.

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