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Jason Calhoun is querying for a literary agent for his latest completed work of fiction, Global Assassin. Below is a synopsis of the novel.

            Faced with the growing threat of Russia launching a full-scale invasion to annex Ukraine, ex-Navy SEAL and CIA agent KEVIN SPANN receives an email from DMYTRO POPOV, a long-time partner in the Ukrainian intelligence community, requesting his assistance. Spann is a highly skilled Tier One operative and former member of SEAL Team Six’s Black Squadron (specifically tasked with ISR: intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance), and the CIA’s Special Activities Center/Special Operations Group (SAC/SOG) Maritime Branch.

               Russian President VIKTOR NOVIKOFF, a strongman who has ruled his country with an iron fist for more than two decades, starts to feel his power fade as his full-scale invasion, or “special military operation” as he calls it, doesn’t go according to plan. Feeling mounting pressure and civil unrest from within his country, he formulates a plot to flee his country if it implodes.

               Ukrainian President VANKO PETROV receives military and financial support from Europe and the West after Russia’s full-scale invasion. President Petrov’s approval rating skyrockets.

               As Russian President Novikoff sees Ukraine receive more support and integration into the West, his anxiety increases. An “old-school” KGB agent born and raised in Leningrad (modern day Saint Petersburg) in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), President Novikoff’s dreams of becoming one of the great Russian Tsars and conquering Ukraine to bring back the Russian Empire begin to dwindle.

               Despite great setbacks, Novikoff remains determined to conquer Ukraine. Coming from the traditional “chekist mindset” of most former KGB agents who view the West as an ever-present threat to Russia and its national interests, Novikoff believes Ukraine was created as an “anti-Russian project” to spread Russophobia, and to be used as a blockade state by the West to coerce and attack Russia.

               Facing military defeat and civil unrest from within his country, Russian President Novikoff starts to feel the net closing in on him. He arranges to flee with Venezuelan President JORGE MENDOZA after purchasing a villa on Venezuela’s Margarita Island. Novikoff then transfers billions of dollars of his own funds into a Venezuelan bank account.

               Spann and Popov begin traveling to Russia undercover while working as contractors for Ukraine’s Foreign Intelligence Service. They begin collecting intelligence on the Russian military and its intelligence agencies to get a step ahead of them.

               The two former intelligence agents eventually uncover a plot by Russia’s National Guard to launch a coup d'état against the Russian government and take down President Novikoff and his regime. Popov and Spann begin collaborating with the Russian military in their coup plot. When Ukraine’s Foreign Intelligence Service gets wind of the plot, BORYS SHEVCHUK, Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine Director, provides support to the coup plotters to aid them in overthrowing the Russian government.

               As tensions between Russia and the West increase, Russian President Viktor Novikoff digs himself into a deeper and deeper hole as a rebellion begins to rise in the Russian Federation.


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